Guidelines For Mortgaging Around Countryside

City Living is nice, to work, to play and roam around, have fun and frolic. But, having a home in a peaceful serene place is the goal of most of us.  

To walk away from the hustle-bustle of the concrete jungle, into serene green spaces overlooking the meadows or the valley. Or just a home in between the lush greenery is enough to satisfy our senses and soul. 

It’s a little weird for city lovers to say that we love staying in the countryside and staying in the countryside has much benefit than one can think of. Below is the list of benefits of staying on the border lines: 

Abundant Vit G and H: 

Vit G refers to greenery- the plants, shrubs and trees and Vit H refers to Happiness, got from remaining calm and stress-free. Read on, sure you will love to give a try. They are all said based on scientific evidence, lack of greenery affects humans immensely.  

Just the colour green is said to have cooling effects on our eyes, and then imagine staying amidst them can really do wonders! 

Evidence say that people living in the central city stations have a lower brain capacity to retain information. It’s also observed that people who live in the concrete jungle area like the apartments have more of aggressive behaviour and tend to violent behaviour than their counterparts who are exposed to more of greenery. More details can be found at Advantages of Commercial Mortgage in Country side

This really makes sense and needs some deep thinking! 

Exposure to ‘fresh air’ 

Your body and soul will thank you for giving them a lease of new life, with fresh air to breathe in. staying in the internal city areas, where pollution is on the rise, your body gets all the polluted air. Give them fresh air for few days and see the change in the conditions, you will feel fresh and energetic. 

Lower cost of living: 

Staying in the countryside, you need not worry about higher bills of electricity, food and shopping. You can save on many things when you are planning for a family. Even if not, you only benefit from staying on the rural sides than living in the urban.  

Lesser psychological problems: 

It is seen that people living in the rural are under less stress and don’t go beyond the limits hence lowering the levels of psychological problems. The whole city life brings in some kind of problems mentally over a period of time. But staying in the rural has improved lives and mental health is said to be stable here. 

You own a home: 

Yes, owning a home is something everyone dreams of! But staying in the urban, owning a home is far off topic, due to higher prices. The higher price is attributed to higher population and lesser space. So you tend to live rented or leased whole life.  

So, when there are so many benefits, surely you will change your mind to try out living there. We spoke only about residential properties in rural, it isn’t all. There are commercial properties there too. You still gain an upper hand living there, making a livelihood.  

Commercial properties in the countryside: 

Purchasing a land for commercial purpose on the countryside is eligible for loans too. But, yes the lenders need certain information before they can lend you money. 

  • For commercial farming, lands attract up to 60% of the land value as a loan.  
  • The amount of loan depends on the size of the land. 

Before approving your loan, the lenders check for the below, whatever the property is- residential or commercial plot: 

  • If it has large crop plantations 
  • Dairy farming capabilities 
  • Working milking machines 
  • Tourism style accommodations or several cabins 
  • Commercial orchards with lots of trees 
  • Large herd of cattle 

The banks will look for the above factors in case you intend to use for a commercial purpose because they need to know if your other payment methods to repay the loan on time. They will allow you to earn up to $20,000 annually by such activities. Still, they are keen on the face value of the property. 

  • For commercial purpose, you need to apply for the loan as ‘agribusiness loan’ and not the regular home loan. 

Owning a commercial property on the countryside has huge benefits too: 

You can control the ownership of the property using commercial loan: 

Commercial loans help you to retain the ownership of the land you possess. Don’t go for selling interest when you have stabilised the company and is expected for good returns, instead just hang on, commercial loans are there to assist you. 

Property appreciation benefits you: 

Every property has a face value and also appreciation comes over a period of time. Wait for this time, never make decisions in hurry. Over a period of time, you can see a positive return on the property and can use that profited amount in growing your business and climb up the ladder gradually. You may take help of the lending consultants in helping you assess best properties and solutions.  

Commercial properties are eligible for tax deductions: 

Did you know this? You will be benefitted from tax breaks by owning a commercial property. The whole package is yours, interest paid, repair works done or maintenance –all attract tax breaks. All you need to do is work hard and think of improving the business, unlike in the urban areas.  

A commercial loan can assist you in improvising cash flow: 

With a minimum amount of deposit, you have complete rights to design your repayment schedule according to your abilities. This schedule will be determined by the type of property and the needs of the company. You can utilise this money for your business requirements until your payment, so you don’t need to rely on other sources for your turnovers. 

Depreciation reduces taxes on your property: 

Haven’t heard this right? Yes, that’s a new concept introduced. The interest paid is reduced as and when the property sees a depreciation value, hence benefitting the land owner (you), in saving thousands of dollars as interest over a period of time. 

Aren’t the above reasons great for you to own a commercial or even a residential plot along the countryside and stay really blessed? Think over!